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Our Vision


Aligned with the focus of biblical principles, the STAND-UP
project believe children and youth will be of significant importance in changing society. Jesus taught us that we must become as a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Since we know that children and youth are of importance to Jesus, we will aggressively evangelize to the children and youth to ensure they have an understanding of their importance to God. We will lead children into a growing relationship with Christ by creating outlets in which they are encouraged to learn God’s Word, to pursue a relationship with God, understand their God-given gifts, and begin to use them to positively affect their friends who do not know Jesus. We see a day when children can not only quote the Bible but understand it and display the positive characteristics it presents.

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Through the STAND-UP project, we will use God’s Word and present biblical characters to children to show them how to STAND- UP for God in declining times. We desire that our children would live victorious and prosperous lives as kingdom leaders of their generation.

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We believe we live in a time and age when children and youth do not know the Lord. To this end, we believe it is crucial to evangelize to our youth and bring them into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ. We can no longer afford to ignore the plight of our children, who without the fear of the Lord, we have no restraint.

The Word of God serves as our basis for why we minister and teach children to STAND-UP for God!

  • Children's Involvement in God’s Plan is Biblically validated

  • God is not opposed to utilizing youth to bring about His kingdom plan

  • Daniel was an uncompromising leader. He purposed in his heart not to defile himself but to honor God’s instructions - Daniel 1:8

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